Melges 24 is a sport-boat manufactured by Melges Performance Sailboats.


The boat was designed in 1992 by Reichel / Pugh and the production started in 1993.

Melges24 is 7.3 m lenght,  maximum beam 2.5 m and the total sail area is 93 sqm (mainsail + jib + spi) . The boat can sail on the beat with mainsail and jib , while on the run an asymmetrical spinnaker of 62 sqm push the boat fast and stable. The gennaker requires no special work by the crew as it can be hoisted and set directly from the cockpit.

The hull is made of glass fiber while mast, rudder and keel are made of carbon fiber. The hull is flat to the rear, making it easy to plan. The keel is 300 kg and it can be withdrawn in order to easily carry the boat on a trailer.

The crew consists of four or five persons and the weight is limited by Class Rules to 375 kg.