Melges 32 is a sport-boat designed by Reichel / Pugh and produced from 2005  by Melges Performance Sailboats, 


The boat length is 9.7 mtr., maximum beam to 3 mtr. and a total sail area of 186 sqm. (mainsail + jib + spi). On the beat the Melges32 can sail with mainsail and jib while on the run it can use an asymmetrical spinnaker in several sizes between 72 and 121 sqm. which can be fixed on the bowsprit.

The hull is made of glass fiber, while mast, rudder and keel are made of carbon fiber. The hull is flat to the rear, making it easy to plan. The keel of 778 kg may be withdrawn in order to easily carry the boat on a trailer.

The crew consists of at least five persons, maximum weight limit  629 kg,