torbole 854 lrMany of those who have been part of the Melges24 community for several years lived in a particular way the weekend in Torbole, magically transported by an invisible time machine.

A legendary location, for many years the Melges Week venue, a regatta course designed for our one-design, ideal wind conditions, a big number of boats and participating nations able to challenge a Continental or World Championship are just some of the factors that have decreed the success of the Acts 3 of the Melges24Tour, valid as third regatta of the European Sailing Series.
Nine beautiful races ran in perfect conditions, a first day of difficult interpretation because of the bizarre wind shifts, a last day of pure fun with wind between 22 and 24 knots.

The YCCA's sailors run fast inside a fleet bigger than the one at the recent Worlds in Canada. At the end of the show our associate GianLuca Perego, owner of Maidollis ITA-854, is on the top of the podium.
The superiority in tactics and speed of Maidollis, overall winner with an impressive series of first places, has sometimes seemed embarrassing, ITA-854 makes less mistakes, always.

torbole 793 lrGeneral Lee ITA-793, from YCCA associate Lorenzo Tonini, gets good results in the worst day of the event, the first, when the big number of wind shifts drive crazy all tacticians in the fleet. The second day our team shows some problems to enter in the game but on Sunday, with 24Kts of wind, the good knowledge of the race course helps our sailors and they rank 15th.